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 Furuya Teruo Solo Recital Tokyo 2020

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8th Master Class ( Teruo Furuya & Mizuka Onishi) in Paris 

Master Classe on 7th ( Sat) & 8th (Sun) March at Paris " .

 Shakuhachi Master Class 10h -17h30

  Koto   10h00-12h30    Lunch time  12h30-14h00

 Shakuhachi 1 day 75€/ 2days 140€

 Koto  1day   60€/ 2days 110€ 

Listening Only = 20€ 

Place /Olivier Messiaen Academy of Music and Theater Saint-Maurice

the François Devienne Auditorium

30 bis rue du Maréchal Leclerc 94410 Saint-Maurice / Paris 

Organised by KSK Paris

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Furuya Teruo & Onishi Mizuka Concert in PARIS  

Musiques du Japon , 

 12th (Thur) March 2020 20h30 Start

at Cathédrale Saint- Croix Armenienne  (Paris , France)

Special Invitées / Katsura CreaSion & Emmanuelle Rouaud

13 rue du Perche 75003Paris

 Tel: 33(0)1 44 59 23 50 





 Shakuhachi Master Class in Hamamatsu (浜松) Japan

 19th (Thur) January 2020 

 Reservation & Info E-mail :


 Shakuhachi Kyoen 尺八狂宴2020  

 6th (Thur) February 2020  

at Toyosu Civique Center Hall (Tokyo, Japan)


Onishi Mizuka   Recital  

大西瑞香 鳥取県文化功労賞受賞記念リサイタル

 11th (Tue) February 2020 (Yonago )


Winter Master Class & Concert  Shakuhach 

in Kyoto( Kyoto, Japan) Organized by Otowakai

23rd(Sun) February 2020 

22nd Shakuhachi Summer Camp of the Rockies, June 18-22, 2020  

KSK 国際尺八研修館 Spring Master Classe 2020

♪ Bisei , Okayama (美星町/岡山県)      from 3rd to 5th April 2020

♪ Mitsumine (三峰), Chichibu(秩父) from 20th to 22nd March 2020

     Participation  Fee / ¥45.000 (with accomodation , food fee includes)

Koto Kiri no Kai こと桐の会 Concert  

 7th(Sun) June 2020 12h30 Start

at Karasuyama Kumin Center Hall (Tokyo, Japan)

Special Guest / Teruo Furuya(Shakuhachi)

KSK 国際尺八研修館 Summer Master Classe 2020

♪ Bisei , Okayama (美星町/岡山県)      End of August 2020

♪ Mitsumine (三峰), Chichibu(秩父)  Beginning of September  2020

     Participation  Fee / ¥45.000 (with accomodation , food fee includes)

Australian World Shakuhachi Festival 2020

 from beginning  till middle of October   in Melbourne, Sydney, Bluemountain etc.

Invited, ASF 2020 & KSK Australia

 Concert , Workshop, Master Classe by Teruo Furuya, Kazushi Matama,Kaoru Kakizakai

 Shakuhachi Master Class in Hamamatsu (浜松) Japan

 20th ( Thur)  September 2020 

 Reservation & Info E-mail :

Sumida-ku Sankyoku  Concert  墨田区三曲演奏会

 25th (Sun) October 2020 Start 12:00- 

at Sumida Triphony Center Hall (Tokyo, Japan)

Shakuhachi Master Class in Hamamatsu (浜松) Japan

 20th ( Thur)  September 2020 

 Reservation & Info E-mail :